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To soon

Today I write to honor a friend, Macayla, who left this life what seems to be far to soon. Funny thing is that, I know her better now than when she left.  I’ve learned that she loved to dance and sing, play and compete, and pour her life into others.  I knew her to be sweet,  quiet, and a little shy, but now I know that she was outgoing and even a little loud.  I now know that she was  often the life of the party and would likely make a big entrance, but five weeks ago she made a big exit…from my perspective, she left to soon.   

I have thought about it a lot and maybe it was only to soon for us who are still here.  Our  perspective is much different from hers. While she has left here, she has made her entrance into the place that we all can only dream of. She is witnessing the very glory of heaven in the presence of God and his angels. She is in total joyful bliss – no sorrow, suffering, or tears.  How soon is too soon to go to a place like that?  

Over the last few weeks I have sat and watched several sunrises and sunsets, I have seen the rays of the sun streaming through the clouds and I have thought what a beautiful thing that God has made, but all of that pales in comparison to what she is experiencing.  I am glad that she is there, but I miss her here and my heart breaks for those whom I am sure miss her even more than me.  

Too soon?  How long is long enough in this life?  Well as I worked through that thought I again think through the last five weeks.  Macayla has touched and impacted my life in an incredible way.  I have listened to and read tributes and testimonies of the difference that her life has made in the lives of others – as I consider life I would say, that’s how long- long enough to make a huge impact and leave a legacy that causes other to consider how they are using their time.  I stopped today to think of the impact that she has had on me:

  • I have learned the importance of spending quality time with friends and family
  • I have learned to pray more and depend on me less
  • I have learned to not leave things unsaid and to be careful with the things I do say
  • I have learned to play hard and passionately whether I am in the game or on the bench supporting the team
  • I have learned that my life may make more of an impact than I can imagine 
  • I have learned and have been reassured that God is enough

As I remember Macayla, I think about the stories of her sitting on the bench, being supportive of her team, but at the same time wanting more playing time.   I think about the all out aggression and heart that she played with when she was given playing time.  I wish she had more “playing time”.

 Today I thought the best way to honor her is to play hard  at life, using the time that I am given and making the most of it.  I realize that life isn’t a game, but it is a wonderful opportunity to use our God-given talents and abilities to make a difference – to share God and His love with others.  

Macayla leaving what seems to be all too soon, is incredibly painful and difficult.  Of all the things that I have done in ministry, telling her “see you later,” has been of of the hardest.  While from my perspective I still struggle with thoughts of “to soon”, especially as I think of Macayla’s family and friends, I am thankful that I didn’t have to wonder if it was too late.  You see, Macayla had put her faith in Jesus and  had received God’s forgiveness and salvation.   Therefore, although it seems to be soon to us, who miss her deeply, it was just the right time for her as she entered the presence of her Savior.  


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