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Hope is Alive

Whether you know it, or believe it, hope is alive!  How do I know?  Because I know who Jesus is and He is alive.  Now before you shut me down, saying, “you don’t know my situation or my circumstances”, I ask you to consider a few things that I have learned about Jesus:

  • He is God, He came to earth as the visible expression of God, to show us who God is and what He is like, and to die for our sins that we could be free from both the penalty and power of sin.  Colossians 1:15-17;Mark 10:45
  • He gave up His life that we might have life in Him…He was killed for our sins and raised to life for our justification.  John 10:10,11; Romans 4:25
  • He backed up all of His claims with His actions – He can be trusted.  Matthew 28:6
  • He called people to follow Him that others would not give the time of day – ordinary people like you and me who often fail miserably. 

    Here are some things that I have learned about Jesus (God) from a story in John 11:

  • Jesus cares about our circumstances more than we can understand – He is moved with compassion and empathy towards his followers. vs. 33,35,38
  • Jesus is never too late, but always right on time.  God is working out his plan to fulfill his purpose even when it seems like nothing is working out and there is no purpose.
    God is able, He can do more than we think.  vs. 4, 21-26,33,43
  • God is willing, He is for us. He came in the person of Jesus Christ and died in our place and rose again to give us hope of life eternal.  

    After His resurrection Jesus appeared on several occasions to several different people; He ate with them and they touched Him – they saw that He is alive.  (1Corinthians 15)  He then ascended to the side of the Father where He continues to intercede for His followers.  So even if it seems that all hope is dead, remember that the author of hope is alive, and if you believe in Him you have eternal life waiting for you.  John 20:31 He is for you!


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