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Inspiring Truth

Yesterday I preached from Acts 2:42-47.  As I spoke to others I heard God speaking to me.  I hope that this is awe inspiring truth for you.  Ask yourself, are you in awe of God? Read this passage about the early church, reflect upon the truth, and interact with the Spirit of God.

The text speaks of authentic community…telling the story of the early church gathering, partnering, cooperating together, learning, loving, and celebrating Jesus.  In order to be His church each individual was all – in, giving themselves fully to the teaching of the apostles and to fellowship (doing the christian life together).  They were in awe of God’s work in and around them,  praying and praising God for all that He had done and was doing.  The most amazing thing – God was continually adding to the church as people from their community were putting their faith in Jesus and being saved from spiritual death.

As I reflect upon their story and look at our own story here at Brightside as we try to become His church, I am trying to listen for God’s voice, asking Him to help me hear what He is saying.  I believe that this is what I am hearing…

Do what you can and trust me to do the rest.  I have created you, called you into a relationship with me and into leading others as you follow Jesus.  You are not alone, I am still a God of wonders…Stand in awe of me and worship.  Give your life to me, surrendering each day to use the breath that I give you and the things that I have blessed you with to serve me.  Learn from the truth of my Word – devote yourself to study it and yield to my Spirit as He leads you.  Gather with others who are in awe of me and join with them to carry on my work.  Show others the grace that I have shown to you, loving them sacrificially just as I have loved you.  Pray as if I am your only hope and praise me for my presence and provision.  Continue to share the truth of Christ’s death and resurrection…I will add to the church.

Father God, help me to live each day in awe of You.


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