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The Mind Is A Battlefield 2

The battle continues – when we focus our thoughts on God and the promises of His faithfulness we begin experiencing small victories but then come the crushing blows of doubt and difficulty.  Yesterday I encouraged you to join me in praying through Psalm 23.  We took on verse one – asking God to protect and provide for us as our shepherd, and to lead us to contentment in His constant care.   We find solace and security there but soon our minds can wander off and become easily overwhelmed by all that is before us.  Sometimes we just don’t know what to do, other times we are just worn out by the constant grind, left wondering if we can continue to press on.

That brings us to another point of decision…dwell on thoughts that will drain us or find rest and refreshment by choosing to think on God’s provision of rest.  In verse 2 of Psalm 23 we see that as our shepherd, God is leading us to rest in His care.  Sometimes we are so busy and occupied with life that we miss all that God is doing around us…we need to slow down and take notice of His provision.  So here is a prayer through this second verse:  God thank you for being my shepherd, help me to actually lie down in your presence and find rest in your provision.  It is so easy to get caught up in thinking that it all depends upon me instead help me to rest as I trust that you are providing all that is needed.  Lead me to those still waters when it feels as if the waves are crashing all around me and about to sink my ship.


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