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I believe because of God’s Word

Often times I am asked, why do you believe in God? One reason is because of His Word, the Bible.

It has shown itself to be reliable as a historical document through textual criticism because of God’s divine preservation. There is more support for it than many other widely accepted historical works.

It has shown itself to be a reliable source of God’s revelation through prophecy…there are many prophecies that were written several years before they were later fulfilled, just as the Bible said. The ones that are most interesting to me are those about Jesus. His conception, birth, death, and resurrection were all prophesied just as they later happened.

While these things require some study to learn there is another reason that the Bible is a reason to believe in God – its relevancy to life. 2 Timothy 3:16,17 I have learned who God is, how to get right with Him, and how to live from the Bible. I have witnessed it’s transforming power over the last 35 years. Hebrews 4:12 It speaks to the issues of life, gives people successful principles to live by, and is a source of encouragement and strength as we learn about God through it.

The Bible truly is History and His story…it is God’s way of communicating with us and He is rewriting our own stories as we are transformed by its life-giving truth.


August 26, 2014 - Posted by | discipleship, hope, Uncategorized

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  1. Excellent insight here Greg! Reliable and Accurate is The Word John 1:1. Bible is an acronym for;
    B brilliant
    I insights
    B before
    L leaving
    E earth.
    Gods way of communicating with Us.
    God Bless You Greg.

    Comment by hank | September 2, 2014 | Reply

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