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Walking humbly with my God

Scripture reading: Micah 6:8, Matthew 6, James 4:6-10

Over the past few weeks I have been speaking on walking with God. As I am teaching others God is teaching me. Here are a few of those things that I have learned.

God Is God and I am not
As God He is big enough to handle the things that I can’t
As our Father in heaven, God knows, cares, and is willing to provide for us
Humility isn’t a lack of confidence, it is confidence in someone who is much greater
If I am going a different direction than God I cannot walk with Him
To walk with God I must walk away from sin
God loves me enough to pursue me and get me back on the right track
God listens to the prayers of his children
Prayerful dependence is when I trust God enough to say, your will be done
Humility shows in my life when I seek God’s kingdom instead of striving to build my own kingdom
Walking humbly with God is doing what is right according to God instead of doing what seems right to me
Walking humbly is showing others the same mercy that I have received from God
If I humble myself I will not be left with nothing but instead God will exalt me
If I draw close to God he will draw close to me

I hope these thoughts help you as you seek to walk with God.


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