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Blue Monday

I saw this morning that today has been tagged as “Blue Monday”, the most depressing day of the year. The reasons given: people are going back to work after all the holidays off, a realization of all the money that was spent on gifts, and the resolve is diminishing from the resolutions that were made.

So what are we to do, just fret and frown as we succumb to the media barrage of gloom? We don’t have to… instead we can look up and choose joy, we can take another look and gain a new and better perspective.

1. We can be thankful that we have a job to provide for our needs. What if we considered work as a place of worship? A place that we could tell others of our hope in Christ and of God’s worth in our lives. What if we realized the great opportunities that work gives us to provide life for ourselves and for those that we love?

2. We can think about the gift that God has given us in Christ – abundant life. A life in which we are accepted by God because of the payment that Jesus made for our sin with His life. We can find strength and encouragement to work, so that we can pay on our financial debts by focusing on the freedom that we have been given because Jesus paid our greatest debt.

3. We can choose real and lasting transformation by learning to think differently about our daily decisions and activities. We can choose to become the people that God has created us to be and is calling us to be through the renewing of our minds with the truth of Scripture. We can begin to exercise our faith by learning and living out that truth on a daily basis.

So, don’t just settle for depression because most people are caught up in the cares of this world. Instead choose to focus on the eternal difference that we have through God’ s grace. Find calming assurance because He cares for you.


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