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Fight?  What are you fighting for?  This is a question that I believe God wants everyone of us to consider.  Whether we realize it or not we are all in a fight.  We sometimes fight with others, sometimes fight with ourselves, and sometimes we fight with God.  There are two considerations when it comes to fighting?

  1. Is the cause worth fighting for?
  2. What is the cost of this fight?

Everyone is familiar with the story of David and Goliath…it is found in the book of 1 Samuel 17.  Here the Israelite army (God’s warriors) shuddered in fear because of a giant named Goliath.  Each day, Goliath taunted them and made blasphemous statements about God.  Each day they did nothing, complacency in fear had become their companion and thus marked their character.  Then one day when David, a small youthful shepherd boy,  heard the giant’s defiant cries against the God of Israel and his armies.  David chose to stand and fight…when other people questioned him David’s response was my God who has delivered me in the past will deliver me again and no one, not even this giant will defy him.  The cost of doing nothing and allowing this giant to continue to hurl insults at his God, was to much for David to stand by and watch – David ran into the battle and killed the giant. 

All of us must decide to face the giants in our lives that are seeking to destroy us and to defy our God.  I wonder are we, (God’s men, his warriors), standing on the hillside shuddering in fear?  Are we crippled by complacency and comfort because we fear the giant?  Or do we, like David, run into the battle because the cause is worth any cost?  Would you join me in choosing to fight the right battles?  To stop fighting for our own glory and to start fighting for God’s glory? 

With God’s help I have decided to start fighting for the right causes:

  • I will not fight with God, but I will surrender to Him and trust Him to deliver me as I fight for His glory.
  • I will fight for my family instead of fighting with them, I will fight to lead them in truth instead of standing idly by while they are swept away by the worlds lies. 
  • I will fight for others who can not fight for themselves because they are on the losing side and their eternal destiny hangs in the balance.

Would you join me?  With God’s help, I will not be intimidated by the “Giants” that seem larger than life.  I will instead forge ahead in faith, trusting my God who has delivered me in the past to deliver me once again.   Would you prayerfully join me in asking God to help us define the right causes to fight for and to help us to realize the cost of not fighting or the cost of fighting the wrong battles? 

The cause, God’s Glory, is worthwhile.  The cost, trusting our lives to God’s deliverance, is a sure victory.  Let’s stand up and run into the battle! 



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