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The last couple of days I have been learning more about God’s love for me through a life lesson. The classroom has been my dad’s presence as I have provided his care. I knew it would be a challenge as dad’s health has been declining quite a bit lately…it is difficult to watch him struggle to do simple things that most of us take for granted: Eating without spilling his food and drink, forgetting or just getting confused in the midst of conversation, standing up and walking without assistance, or not being able to get dressed by himself. One of the hardest things is watching his health and mental capacity decline while he doesn’t even realize it.

Before coming to stay with him for a couple of days, I asked God, why does dad have to go through this struggle? I didn’t know how to pray for him. I want him to get better but I know that the reality is that he will most likely continue to get worse. I know that God always has a purpose when he allows difficulty in the lives of his followers but I was struggling to understand this. Since I wasn’t sure how to pray, I asked God to help me to understand, to help me to be a blessing to my parents, and to give me strength and comfort to deal with this difficult and heart breaking situation.

So as I have spent the last couple of days with dad, God has been answering the prayers that I didn’t even know how to voice, and the prayers that the Spirit and others have been praying on my behalf. His answer – honor your father. What does that mean? It means treating him with kindness and love by patiently doing for him the things that he cannot do for himself. What I have learned is to serve him through love.

It has been a blessing to spend precious time with my pop, and God the Father has spoke some truth into my life that I needed to hear. He said, you can trust me even though you don’t understand; the care that you are providing for your dad is a picture of how I care for my children. I clean them up when they make a mess of things, I do the things for them that they cannot do for themselves, I lead them when they need guidance, and I hold them up when they cannot stand on their own. As much as you love your dad, that love doesn’t even compare to the love that i have for you both. You and your dad belong to me, trust me and I will provide all that you both need.


October 27, 2013 - Posted by | discipleship

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