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I AM (Exodus 3)

As I was cleaning off my desk this morning, I came across a message that I shared a few months ago.  It was as if God decided to give me a boost and fire me up for the week…the message – I AM. 
God spoke and as I read the words that I had typed several months ago, He said, “I Am”. 

I am the God
I am Enough
I am Able
I am Here

The words were originally spoken to Moses at the burning bush…God told him, I am the God and I am fully aware of the situation.  I am going to use you, I have a purpose for you, I have not forgotten my people, and I will be with you as you carry out the plans that I have for you. 

I believe that God it’s saying these same things to us today…I AM.  Listen to His voice, allow His words to reaasure you… Don’t give up, get up and get back on track.  Let’s go and do His work and watch as He does amazing things. 


October 15, 2013 - Posted by | discipleship, hope, vision

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