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What is the biggest influence in your life?  That is a question that I am constantly asking myself.  Is it bringing me closer to Jesus or leading me away from him?  Sometimes that influence is a habit, or a thing, and other times it is a person.  Whatever it is we have allowed it to affect our lives…it is our choice.  So please join me in choosing wisely – pray that God leads us and gives us wisdom as we consider the people, activities, and things that we interact with.

God’s plan is that we live our lives to impact others with His love through the good news of Jesus – He died and rose again that everyone might be reconciled to and right with God. (Romans 4:25)  He is constantly at work in us that we might be growing and changing so much that we reflect Jesus Christ – we have a great opportunity to influence the lives of everyone else around us.  (Philippians 2:12 – 16)  To do so we must choose to be influenced by God’s love, God’s Word, and God’s Spirit.  We must decide to invest into others the way that God has invested into us, with love and grace, sacrificially giving of our lives that they might gain life through Jesus.

Holy Spirit help us – direct us to the right influences. Jesus thank you -for investing your life into ours by dying that we might live.  Father God use us –  that we can influence others by investing into their lives so that we might impact them for your glory and for their good.


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