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Give what you have

The story of Jesus feeding thousands of people with a little boys lunch is crazy…how in the world could one small lunch feed so many and then end up as 12 baskets full of leftovers? ( John 6:1-13) The answer – God can take our small offering, use it to bless and provide for many, and then give us back much more than we gave in the first place. He is not bound by our natural limitations but is supernatural.

One of the people in this story, said we couldn’t begin to buy enough food to feed all of these people. Another said, We have this small lunch but what is that among so many? The little boy seems to say here you go, if you can use this, here it is Jesus.

So which am I most like? How about you? Do we look at the situation or circumstances around us and say I don’t have enough to make a difference or do we come and give what we have to Jesus? He can take our little bit and do great things…things that seem crazy and even impossible. If we would give him what we have, He could take it and affect the lives of many around us, and here is the even crazier thing – we will receive back much more than we gave.


January 16, 2013 - Posted by | discipleship, vision

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