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Using Our Turn – Spending Our Life

We all only have so much life to spend … only 1 turn in the game. The way we spend it is determined by our view of a life that matters. There are two basic ideas:

  1. Get all you can while you can. (most people live this way)
  2. Give it away (to be used for God’s purposes and His glory) and receive so much more.

It is generally easier for us to take the first mindset because we all tend to be on the selfish side by nature. But Jesus warns us against greed and reminds us that life isn’t about the abundance of things. Luke 12:15. His story of the rich fool teaches us that selfishly holding on to all the things that God has given us leads only to emptiness not fulfillment. Luke 12:16-21

His example of laying down His life for the glory of the Father and His resurrection back to life give us the ability to find life eternal. As we follow him, he leads us to find the abundant life in Him by spending our life knowing Him and making Him known. As we do we will receive much more than we gave and we will find the joy that we were seeking.



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