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Amazed by Love

In my message yesterday, I taught that in order to live a life of love we must first understand and respond to God’s love for us. As I was thinking through that more today I was again amazed by God’s love for us, especially me. How could He possibly love me when I so often fall short of what I know I am supposed to be. I falter and fail Him, I doubt His process and I get discouraged, I could do so much better, I get frustrated and impatient with His plans. But the problem with all of that is thinking that He loves me because of me.

Here is the deal…we may not fully understand God’s love for us, but we can begin to understand it if we realize that it starts with Him, not us. He doesn’t accept us because of us, but because of Jesus. (He has accepted us with His beloved through the blood of Jesus and continues to accept us in that way (Ephesians 1:6,7)) He loved us so much that He gave His son that we might have life. John 3:16 He showed us this love in that while we were still sinners who were against Him…Jesus died for us. Romans 5:8

So once we begin to understand that God loves us, inspite of us, we then need to respond to that love. How? Believe It! Pray and thank God for loving you.

  1. If you have never trusted in Jesus as your Savior, do so now. Ask God to forgive your sin and express your belief in the death, burial, and resurection of Jesus. Ask him to save you, turn away from sin, and give your life to him.
  2. For those of us who are believers we must respond by remembering that God loves us more than we can imagine. We must again visit the truth that there is nothing we can do to make God love us more or less…He loves us as His children. He has adopted us and brought us into His family.

Here is the kicker…nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Romans 8:37 – 39. His love is a constant in an ever-changing world. As we grow in our understanding of it and continue to respond to it that love will begin to flow out of us and into the lives of others.


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