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Impact?  A question that shook my thoughts as I heard of the sudden passing of a friend.  I thought to myself, wow this is going to have a great impact on our kids and throughout our community.  This friend wasn’t someone that I saw every day but yet he made a profound impact on me.  As I joined with several others today to pray around a flag pole and ask God for His help for our students, teachers, and families, I realized what a great impact my friend had on so many lives.

My friend, Chris Warren, was our elementary school principal, a great leader in our community, and a great friend to everyone who crossed his path.  He would often call me out of the blue just to encourage me – he would ask about how I was doing, say some encouraging words, and even take time to pray for me.  I never imagined that when he called me yesterday, it would be the last time we would talk.  He called to ask me to pray for the students, families, and faculty members of the Kettle Lake Community whom he loved so much.  It was time again for “see you at the pole”,  he felt that prayer was important, so he invited me to lead in prayer.  I was happy to accept and looked forward to joining him in praying for God’s blessing, guidance, and provision for our school.

As I got to the school this morning Chris wasn’t there in person, but the spirit of what he stood for and the God whom he lived for, was evident in those who had gathered.  I was deeply impacted and moved, as I led the students and adults in a verse of Jesus Loves Me and then in prayer.  I was so touched by how many lives Chris had deeply impacted.

His wife Pat shared with me that Chris was now dancing with Jesus…she also told me that she had contacted the Hospital’s tissue donation unit and that they were able to help over 40 people through Chris’ body…So Chris made a huge impact both in life and in death.

I thank God for giving me a friend like Chris and I am asking Him to help me impact the lives of others in a positive way just like Chris did.  The impact of Chris passing was so great because of the way in which he lived…he truly was a man of God who loved Jesus so deeply that God’s love spilled out of him into the lives of others and made a huge impact.

Please join me as I am continuing to pray for Chris’ wife Pat, their family, and the many families that were so greatly impacted by his life.  May we all consider the impact that our life is making and may we thank God for the impact of great friends like Chris, that He has blessed our lives with.


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  1. I would like Chris Warren’s family to know that last year my son, Kade, came to me and said, “I’m pretty sure I’m Mr. Warren’s favorite student.” As much as I adore my smart, sweet, AND stubborn son..I knew it couldn’t possibly be. It was a profound moment for me to realize what a talent Chris had…an amazing ability to make everyone feel special and cared for. In this giant world, he made my three children feel as if they mattered.

    Last night my daughter, Adelyn, cried herself to sleep…saying, “But…I loved Mr. Warren.” My shy and introverted daughter…loved her principal. I don’t even remember my old principal’s name. I know she didn’t love him because he was her principal..she loved him because he was a good man.

    Mr. Warren, you will be remembered and sorely, sadly missed.

    Comment by stacy sanders (@stacysanders3) | September 26, 2012 | Reply

  2. In 2010 my husband and I moved (back) to Michigan after living in California for 20 years. We brought back with us our 3 adopted, special needs children. Now, I love my kids but they are unique and not every educator has been happy to see them coming. Chris Warren was so welcoming of my children and our family, I almost couldn’t believe it. His willingness to find the “right” way for my children to learn sometimes brought me to tears. I am so sad to lose this man who understood my kids. There is no doubt in my mind that there were angels waiting for Chris as he entered into the presence of God. A genuinely special man.

    Comment by Linda Q | September 27, 2012 | Reply

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