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Scriptures: Philippians 2:1-12, John 4:10, 7: 37-39

As I was praying and pondering how to be better, asking God to help me to be a better husband and father, a better pastor and a better friend, the response came follow Jesus and you will be better.    As I thought more about this, I began to understand that my shortcomings can all be linked to my selfishness.  If I can begin to love others the way that Jesus did, sacrificially and selflessly, giving of myself to serve them in order to make their lives better, I will be better. 

I am learning that my focus must not be me being better, but my focus must be on following Jesus better.  Father God help me to look beyond my life to the life I have been given in Christ and let that focus determine the way that I live my life.  As I consider the way that Jesus gave his life for me, I realize that I am called to give myself to others.  However doing so threatens my own fulfillment and satisfaction, will I just be left empty?  When I am tempted to follow my selfish pursuits that I think will make me better, help me to remember that they only leave me empty and constantly longing for more.  Lead me to drink of the everlasting fountain of your refreshing spring that I may overflow through the stream of your goodness to me. 

Father, when the waves of life, those pressures to be better, threaten to overwhelm me, lead me to still waters of your love and grace that I may in turn treat others with love and grace.  When I am thirsty help me to drink deep from the well of your Spirit that the life giving water of Jesus may flow out of me and into the lives of those that I want to be better to. 


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