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Did I do enough? Time passed to quickly.

Is she ready for her first steps? Having and raising kids is a great joy and a great responsibility, but they grow up so fast. To say that time flies as they grow up is surely an understatement – From that moment that they enter your world and you hold them for the first time to that night that you hug them for the last time before you take them to college. Looking back and taking a few moments to remember first steps, funny dresses and big hair bows, kicking soccer balls, to watching her grow from that cute adorable little girl into a beautiful young lady …wow how did this happen so soon?

As i have watched her grow I wander did I do enough to prepare her for her next steps? Yes I made sure she was safe when she took those first steps, and when she stepped into new adventures and when she walked through challenges, but this is her biggest step – She is stepping onto her college campus. I know I still have three more amazing kids at home, but watching the first step out into the world away from home is quite the challenge.

My mind swirls with emotion…excitement and joy over this new adventure and the possibilities that God will bring her way, but also sadness that she is moving out into a new world where I won’t be right there to catch her when she slips or stumbles. Although I will be close by waiting for her call for help as she learns to take her first steps into another stage of life.

So now I pray even more and trust that her heavenly father will lead and guide her. I hope that I have done enough to teach her to trust Him with all of her heart, to love him with all that she can, and to acknowledge him in all of her ways…please father God take care of this precious little girl. I am thankful for the young woman that she is becoming and I know that there are many more joys to come, but it sure will be different for her not to be at home. Father I pray that you bless her first steps, again and again.


August 29, 2012 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Wow, Pastor Greg! She’s not even my kid and you’ve got me crying. Beautiful words for all of us to remember.

    Comment by David & Connie | August 29, 2012 | Reply

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