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Facing the Giant

So yesterday I spoke on Facing the Giant (David and Goliath) 1 Samuel 17…I tried to encourage everyone to stand in faith, face their giants, and slay the giants that are defying God’s power in their lives – all for the glory of God.  Seemed like a good message – concluded with many in prayer and several positive comments.

But today as I began the action plan I realized that I have many of my own giants to face.

  • My wife has some health issues that we haven’t been able to figure out and sometimes I wonder if we ever will.
  • Teaching my kids to trust in God and praying that they avoid life altering bad decisions…  I know they will make mistakes but I want them to avoid the really big ones, this is unsettling to say the least.
  • It scares me to think that I may not be the husband or the father that my family deserves.
  • Leading the church and speaking on God’s behalf  is always a task that seems much larger than my abilities, and how are we going to become the church God wants us to be?

In this story we see just two responses to the giant:  1) shuddering with fear and doing nothing or 2) facing the giant by having faith in God’s deliverance.  So instead of fretting, being frustrated, and worrying I am going to try and practice what I preached.  Slaying the Giant!!!  In order to slay the giants, we must:

  • Look at the situations with God in view…He is bigger and is able to deliver – he is not dead but has overcome death for us.  He is living on the inside and is at work.  vs 26, 36; Ephesians 3:20
  • Choose to take a stand and fight…move forward in faith – trusting God to deliver us.  vs 32-40  He who delivered us from sin and death will deliver us again.  Romans 8:31,32
  • Follow through and fight the giant for God’s glory.  41-50

God help me to live in such a way that those around me know that you are God.   May the faith that you are growing in me be used inspire others to face their own giants.  You are bigger than any giant I will ever face…help me to trust in and hope in you and not in the circumstances of life that I cannot control.  Move me forward in faith to follow through and slay those giants for your glory.


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