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I am either excited about the potential that lies ahead or I am overwhelmed with all the problems that I can’t figure out.  Where I find my confidence makes all the difference.  A few weeks ago I read through the book of Philippians and found some foundational truths upon which to build my confidence.   The following is an outline of 10 statements about confidence that I shared with our church.    

1.  Confidence is believing that God will finish what He has started.  1:6

  • It all started with Him, He is not done, He always finishes what He starts
  • (Hebrews 12:1 – 3 – Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.) 

2.  Confidence is being convinced that nothing is better than Jesus and living with Him eternally.  1:21

  • Life is Christ – live to know Christ and make Him known 1:18
  • Death is gain because I will enter his presence.

3.  Confidence is living in a manner that is worthy of the gospel  1:27

  • Stand united in one spirit with other believers 1:27, 2:2
  • Surrendering your mindset to have the mindset of Christ – humble submission to God

4.  Confidence is understanding that God is at work in us to accomplish His purpose.  2:13

  • Not an excuse to be complacent or lazy 2:12
  • Working together with a humble attitude 2:14 -16

5.  Confidence is finding joy in knowing Jesus Christ.  3:1

  • Not in the things that we can accomplish. 3:3
  • Nothing else comes compares to Jesus  3:8
  • He has resurrection power 3:9-10

6.  Confidence is pursuing the life that God is calling us to. 3:12-14

  • Forget the past -Take hold of Jesus – press on
  • Look forward to what God is calling you to

7.  Confidence is knowing that this place is not our final destination.  3:20,21

  • I am a citizen of heaven -Jesus is coming for me
  • Everything is within the power of His control
  • I will be transformed

8.  Confidence is bringing everything to God in prayer.  4: 6,7

  • pray continually …Luke 18:1, 1Thessalonians 5:16-18
  • pray with thanksgiving expecting an answer
  • God’s peace transcends my understanding
  • God’s peace guards my heart and mind in Christ

9.  Confidence is trusting in God’s provision. 4:13, 19

  • I learn to be content when I understand that my strength comes through Christ
  • I can give myself fully to God’s work because He will supplies all I need through His endless riches in Jesus

10.  Confidence is focusing on the grace and peace of God through Jesus Christ.  1:2, 4:23

We will find confidence to face the future when we find life in Jesus – even death will not shake us.

          You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!  Isaiah 26:3 NLT


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