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God can do impossible things through those who give themselves to Him

Yesterday I taught on the gifts that we can give to Jesus by taking a look at the characters  in the Christmas story and what they gave to Jesus.  Their gifts help us to understand what we have to give to a God who has everything.

These things that I learned about and shared are still working on me.  I hope to share many of these this week, as God continues to teach me and leads me to focus on my life in Christ as Christmas approaches.  Today I am thinking on Luke 1:26 – 38.  God can do impossible things through those who give themselves to Him.  “May it be to me as you have said.” vs 38 – I am praying this today – God whatever you want, here is my life for you to use as you please.

As I say that prayer my mind is flooded with fear that things are to big, to hard, or just out of my control.  Then I hear the small still voice of the spirit, saying do not be afraid…you have found favor with God – He choose to show you grace and to make a way for you.  He sent Jesus to save you and doesn’t have any plans of leaving you on your own.  Choose to believe that the Most High has a wonderful plan for your life and is working it out even now as you wonder what He is doing.  So I am choosing to continue to pray, God may it be unto me according to your plan, I give you my life.  I may not understand it all, I don’t have all the answers, and I’m sure that I don’t even yet know all of the questions.  However, I know that You do and that nothing is impossible for you.



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  1. Thanks for sharing Pastor Greg! How exciting it is that God will use us.

    Comment by Heidi | December 19, 2011 | Reply

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