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I am not a fan

Yesterday we started a new series of messages, “notafan”. I have asked our church to honestly answer whether we are fans of Christ or followers as He has defined in Luke 9:23-27. The first talk was about defining the relationship.  Here are some thoughts that I shared about the concept of following Christ.

In this life we all will face death, we don’t know how or when, but we can be sure that it will happen. Many of us hold on to life with a “death” grip – but this doesn’t change the fact that it still slips away like water in our hands…but if we give up our life for the life that we can have in Christ, then we find the life that we had hoped to have in the first place. It is only as we choose to die to self and to live for Christ… that we will live the life that He is calling us to.

Jesus is calling us to give up everything and follow – to believe in Him and to trust Him completely!  To be more than a fan who admires Him and to become a follower who is completely devoted and surrendered to Him.  This type of life comes through God’s grace but requires believing first in Jesus Christ as the Savior-  this belief grows the more we understand that it was because of that grace that Jesus laid down His life for us – He calls us to follow Him by laying down our lives to carry out His mission.  The more we understand His grace, the more we realize that it is only through that grace that we can follow Him.  By God’s amazing grace, I am not a fan!


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