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Remembering Whose We Are – Psalm 100

We want to give all of ourselves to God – to stand up and say here we are, use us to accomplish your plan, but how do we deal with how we feel?  Often times we fall far short of what we should be or what we should do and we don’t even come close to what we could be or or what we could do.  Life seems like an on- going roller coaster ride,  taking forever to climb the steep hills and then we only enjoy the view for a moment before flying down the other side to sink into dark valleys.  How then can we live the life that God has called us to?

Oh it is good when all is good, and God is great when life is great, but what about when the bottom drops out and nothing is going our way.  How do we move beyond the ups and downs and find consistency in our walk with Christ?  We must learn to think less of us and more of God -> we really begin to grow when we become less occupied with us and more occupied with Him.  After all our lives are in His hands!

So instead of shouting out in exasperation we can with praise God with exuberant exclamation!!!  Our God REIGNS!  Focusing on God’s goodness and greatness instead of our badness and innateness allows us to serve the Lord with gladness instead of wallowing around in sadness.

We must come to an understanding of who God is and whose we are…we must know that the LORD, He is God.  He has made us, we did not make ourselves.  He is fully aware of our lives and fully in control of the circumstances that often have us seemingly spiraling out of control.  We belong to Him, to the master of all…we are in the Master’s hand, and after-all it all depends on whose hands it is in.

Whatever it is that we are going through —we are going through.   We must remember that the break – down,  may be exactly what God is using to help us break-through so that we can break-out to the life to which He is calling.  God has made us and remade us to have a relationship with Him and to represent Him to the world around us.   We are His people, the sheep of His pasture and He is good, loving, and faithful.  Therefore we can find hope in the solace that He indeed is God and we are His – He will not fail us, but will sustain us that we may carry out His purposes.


April 11, 2011 - Posted by | hope

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