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Christmas Musings

Merry Christmas everyone,

I know that it is sometimes difficult to get into a Christmassy mood.  To be honest, I have struggled with some Christmas blahs myself, just caught up in busyness instead of being caught up with God.  Here are some of my thoughts as God has helped me to regain the Christmas spirit.  Hopefully they will help you as well and you will be encouraged as you read these musings that God has stirred within me, helping me to reflect and regain the wonder of Christmas.

God came into the midst of the ordinary so that we could not miss the extraordinary!  Angels entered the darkness and the light of God shone all around the shepherds… they came and announced that the light of the world had arrived to shatter the darkness forever.  Christmas is about the discovery of the deliverance, the promised Savior came wrapped in flesh.  It is about being lost in the wonder of God with us, but many remain lost to wander in darkness because they refuse to walk in light.  After hearing the Good news that was delivered by the angels, the Shepherds went to see the Savior and left so delighted that others were left astonished as they listened to their story of looking into the face of Jesus.

So how about me…do I even stop in all of the hustle and bustle of “the holidays” to acknowledge that God is with me?  Oh maybe time to sing a Carol or even attend a church service, but to drop everything and give Christ prominence in our celebrations is almost unheard of and thought of as ‘scrooge-like’.  Perhaps I have allowed myself to lose the wonder of Christmas and instead I am left wondering how I will get everything done or maybe what I will get in my packages.  I have decided to rediscover the joy of the Christmas season as I revisit the story of our Savior’s birth.  God help me to find my hope in You and delight in in Your presence instead of hoping for something bigger or better in the gifts that I find under the tree.  May my heart be overwhelmed with this message of peace on earth and God’s good will toward us that I will deliver this good news to others so that they may join in the celebration with me and stop wandering aimlessly through life.  Thank You God for the wonder of all wonders, Emmanuel – God with Us.  As I look back to that wonderful night when You wrapped Yourself in flesh, may I wrap myself in You as I remember the amazing opportunity that I have been given in Christmas –not just to receive another present but to live daily in your presence.


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