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More Questions than Answers

Yesterday at church, a missionary, Dan Defever,  shared thoughts with us from 1 Corinthians 9.  As I listened, I was left with more questions than answers.  It is not that Dan didn’t do a good job of teaching this passage of Scripture – the Holy Spirit just prompted my heart as I listened to the Word.  Here are the questions that I am still pondering:

  • Am I looking to gain something from ministry or looking to give something?
  • Am I being a good steward of the Gospel – what do I do with this wonderful treasure of life through faith in Christ?
  • Am I compelled to share God’s good news with others and sorrowful if I do not?
  • Am I willing to serve others in order to share the love of God?
  • Am I willing to learn how best to communicate the gospel in a way that others can understand?
  • Am I running to win or coasting and just hoping to finish the race that God has set before me?
  • Am I conditioning myself to stay in spiritual shape or running on empty?
  • Am I striving to become spiritually fit?
  • Am I working toward a temporal or an eternal prize?

I am left convicted of my shortcoming but find forgiveness in God’s grace through the sacrifice of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I am convinced that I have been given a sacred trust and a wonderful opportunity to join in God’s redemptive work of His created ones.  I am asking God to help me as I give myself completely to Him, moving from complacency to urgency to carry out His plan and purpose for my life.  God help me to grow spiritually so that I may serve you to the fullest of my potential in You.  I am praying that every believer in Jesus, would run to win!!!


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