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God’s Spirit @ Work In Me

God has given us a great gift in His presence through His Holy Spirit.  In Romans 8 the Bible gives us great insight into what the Holy Spirit is actively doing in the lives of those who have come to Christ “by faith”.   Here are some of those things:

1.  He releases us from condemnation and sets us free vs. 1

2. He takes us out of a life filled with the chaos & confusion of sin and instead leads us in the ways of God vs. 4,5,14

3.  He helps us to overcome our fear of God’s rejection and replaces it with the assurance of our place in God’s family vs 13-17

4.  He takes lives that were hopelessly lost and leads them to the hope that is found in a future that is secure vs. 17-24

5.  He prays for us when we cannot even form the words to pray for ourselves vs 25 – 28

6.  He is constantly and consistently working to bring about God’s purpose in our lives vs 28-30

7.  He reminds us of the promises of God’s work on our behalf vs. 31-39

Thank you God for all that you do on our behalf ->God help us to be aware of your presence, provision, and promises!!!


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  1. Would you expound on the freedom we have in Christ? Sometimes I think this is supposed to be freedom from rules (legalism), but sometimes it’s the rules that lead to life in the long run. I believe in the saying, “rules without a relationship lead to rebelion”. How do rules and freedom co-exist? Thanks PG!

    Comment by Rachael | June 16, 2010 | Reply

    • Rachel check out today’s blog and see if it helps

      Comment by gregorycooper | June 19, 2010 | Reply

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