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Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting

All of us can relate to the excitement of finding a treasure map with its promise of a great bounty.  The possibility of finding a treasure excites and invigorates us to go to great lengths to find it.  We are compelled and intrigued by the promise of life radically changing, moving from emptiness and struggle to fulfillment and abundance.  Many people go on their quest every Wednesday or Saturday and play their numbers in hopes of winning millions.  For others it is a daily quest as people look for their treasures in relationships, careers, or the stock market.

Although the things we treasure may differ, within us all is a burning passion to find that thing that we see as treasure because we are convinced it will improve our lives and lead to our fulfillment.  One of the saddest realities of this life is that although many people continually search they never find true treasure.  Why? Here are a couple of reasons:

  1. Because they are looking in the wrong place and can’t see the real treasure because they are blinded by their quest for false treasures.
  2. Because those who have found true treasure don’t realize the unbelievable value of the treasure they possess, because they are distracted by searching for false treasure.

So what is this true treasure?  The mercy of God shown to sinners who were not looking for Him!!!  The Gospel!  God gives us this treasure through Christ, who gave his life so that sinners could experience redemption and eternal life.  Read through 2 Corinthians 4 and be amazed as the Holy Spirit opens the treasure box and gives you a glimpse of the great treasure that is ours in Christ.  The treasure hunt may be a great struggle, anything worth living for usually is, but in the end the rewards will be worth it.  Find the treasure that you seek in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The more you treasure Him and share Him with others the more you receive the satisfaction from the treasure you were seeking.


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